Teatreasures.com was the website I began as a part of my hobby tea business before most of my friends even had email addresses. There was no big plan—it just evolved out of a lifestyle of being passionate about tea and cuisine. A few years later my son Jonathan said, “Hey, Mom, why don’t you let me help you develop your tea business?” The summer of 2004 the Tea Embassy gave birth. After five years of creating a magical place in an historical building in downtown Austin, Texas, Jonathan is taking over the business so I can enjoy my grandchildren and blog.

Seriously, I have always had great ideas, enjoyed shopping for quality products, loved cooking, eating, traveling, and most of all drinking a cup of tea with family and friends. So I am looking forward to my retirement and sharing with you my treasures.

Carol Sims

Co-Founder of Tea Embassy and Author of Tea Treasures and More Cookbook,

Discover the delightful pleasures and tranquility of a fine cup of tea steeped just right. Whether enjoyed in a favorite mug and the solitude of a good book or shared with friends around an elegantly set table of fine china, tea creates an atmosphere of intimacy that allows you to slow down and savor life more deliberately.

Starting with the pleasures of tea and the ‘agony of the leaves,’ you will learn the essentials and subtleties of preparing tea as well as tea etiquette and culture. Learn how to decaffeinate any cup of tea. Tips on buying and storing tea will help ensure your tea is always full of flavor. And of course, you will learn how to prepare the delicious delicacies that are enjoyed with tea, such as Carol’s exceptional scones and other tasty treats.

Drawing from a rich southern family heritage of food and drink, Carol takes you on an adventure of unexpected surprises and tastes. Steeped in love and wisdom over many years and many meals, you learn the secrets of simple, yet delicious dishes. All of these recipes have passed the ‘taste test’ of her three discerning sons over the years or are the favorite dish of a relative or friend.

Carol includes practical basics like cooking a Thanksgiving turkey, fresh green beans, chicken and dumplings, and banana pudding from scratch the easy way. Packed with family secrets, easy-to-prepare company casseroles, and tempting desserts, you’ll find this treasure chest of recipes your favorite cookbook.

You may purchase Tea Treasures and More for $19.95 at www.teaembassy.com or at the Tea Embassy at 900 Rio Grande, Austin, Texas 78701.