Matcha Bowl Obsession

Matcha Bowl Obsession

Some of you may remember reading my other blogs about Matcha Magic and Matcha in the Morning. It’s been a year and a half now since my husband and I have been drinking the Japanese green tea Matcha every morning along with our morning vitamins. We actually don’t take very many vitamins, but I do take a blood pressure pill and a few other things like Healthy Life Harvest Aloe Vera, Borage Oil  and Lyprinol capsules for my bad knee. I do admit I hate taking pills, so I’m not going to do anything regularly unless I am a believer that it benefits me.

My husband told me this morning after his Matcha shot, “You know, I’m actually starting to enjoy this Matcha.” Each morning I prepare a bowl of this tea, and we split it into two 3 oz cups and drink it quickly like we’re doing tequila shots.

Since I quickly prepare it every morning, even when traveling, I’ve become very picky about my Matcha bowls. I enjoy my Matcha best when I can get a nice froth, but have discovered that not all bowls will give you that froth. Since I’m sharing it with someone else I like bowls that pour easily. Most of the Japanese bowls don’t have spouts. Many bowls become too hot to hold. Basically you have to buy a bowl and prepare the tea before you know if you’re going to like it, sort of like purchasing a pair of shoes. It’s also interesting how tea tastes differently in different vessels, so you have to feel it with your mouth (like my 1 year old granddaughter).

Well, Eureka! I found a bowl I really like, made right here in Austin, Texas by potter Bob Swaffar. He’s made it with an inward lip that keeps it from sloshing out during preparation with a beautiful spout that pours neatly. If you want to drink from the bowl, just position the spout in front and enjoy. It’s a great size for traveling also. The best place to find this perfect bowl is at the Tea Embassy at 9th and Rio Grande or at And it’s also a good price at $35.

I still haven’t found a smoother tasting Matcha than the one we sell at the Tea Embassy. You can also buy a cup of this special tea there if you want to try it out. Check out the Machocolate also.

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  1. Joseph Peck says:

    Hi Carol, It’s good to hear you share about the Matcha tea and cup. I think you and Bob shared that with me when I visited you at your home a year ago. Blessings, Joseph

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