Orange Sherbet and the Flush

Orange Sherbet and the Flush

For our 40th Anniversary List, here goes #3. Last night we experienced another memory from our dating days back in 1969  at Auburn. One of the traditions at Auburn University which is located in the small town of Auburn, Alabama was to go for ice cream at the Sani-Freeze. (We called it the Sani-Flush back then.) After we left, they started calling it the Flush. It’s no longer in the original location. It was such a tradition, that there is a Facebook fan group at

One of the fun things about our Forty Memory List is the trail that each memory takes us on. For instance I started investigating the SaniFreeze ice cream place. I asked my husband why we called it the Sani-Flush. He says he thinks it was because there was a product for cleaning toilets back then called Saniflush, so the guys started calling it “the SaniFlush” and the Kopper Kettle down the street “the Kopper Kommode.” Of course, the female coeds would never talk like that!

On one of our first dates at the SaniFlush, I ordered orange sherbet with chocolate sauce. My husband and the Flush staff thought I was crazy. I can’t remember where I grew to love this concoction, but it’s quite delicious. Last night when we decided to relive our experience, my husband went to the grocery store to pick up some orange sherbet.

What happened to all you orange sherbet fans? Apparently nobody carries orange sherbet any more in Texas. He had to go to three grocery stores to find it. It must have disappeared with Orange Julius and cremesicles! I probably haven’t had orange sherbet in 20 years myself. He did finally find faithful Blue Bell Orange Sherbet along with Pomegranate and Mango Sorbet.

So late last night we created our orange sherbet delight. Being the foodie family we’ve become, we couldn’t use the old fashioned Hershey’s syrup. Instead we topped the sherbet off with The Silver Palate’s Fudge Sauce with Grand Marnier. It was quite delicious and fun reconnecting with that very unique flavor. Seeing the Sani-Flush photo on the Facebook site brought back sweet memories with lots of romantic feelings.

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