Peach Trekking and Putting Up

Peach Trekking and Putting Up

As we continue recording 40 things we’ve done over the years to celebrate our 40th Wedding Anniversary, I just had to add our “Peach Trekking and Putting Up” traditions.

My first peach memory during our marriage was prechildren while on a camping trip with my husband’s brother and his wife in Alabama. We were so delighted to pick up a bushel of fresh peaches along the road on our way to our camping destination and raved about how delicious and juicy they were as we traveled. That evening while we were sleeping in our motor home, we were awakened by my husband’s brother who had a major allergic reaction to the yummy peach he had devoured (skin included). Our trip was delayed as we headed off to the ER to help him.

Last summer I blogged about how disappointed we were without peaches in central Texas. This summer there are peaches galore. We made our second trip to Fredericksburg this week to stock up and came home with Dixieland and Loring varieties. We stopped at Boar’s Market between Stonewall and Fredericksburg for organic peaches and vegetables. They shared a secret that we are trying this summer. They suggested freezing your peaches whole, with the skin, unpeeled when they are perfectly ready to eat. Then you can pull them out of the freezer one at a time, run them under water for a few seconds. The skin can be peeled off very easily. They are a beautiful color, unoxidized and frozen but soft enough to cut up for smoothies or cooking. I’ve tried it, and it works. But they are still not the same as a freshly peeled peach!

So we spent yesterday afternoon cutting up peaches for our Sims Peach Pie (which uses fresh peaches) and bagging the cut-up peaches (usiing Fruit Fresh) in small freezer packets for ice cream and smoothies. I sent out a text message to our adult kids in town that there was a peach pie in our refrigerator!

We also had the privilege of watching our oldest grandson (2) enjoy his first peach smoothie.

Sometimes the pie doesn’t last more than a day, but I just enjoyed another piece with my Sterling Silver White Tea this afternoon. The Sims Pie recipe can be found in Tea Treasures and More Cookbook as well as a previous blog entitled “Tis the Season for Fresh Peach Pies.” Tomorrow I will bake the Anderson Hotel Peach Pie, also in my cookbook and some peach scones. We overload on peaches a little bit during the summer since these pies taste best only made with fresh unfrozen peaches.

Writing this blog is making me thirsty, so I’m off to create a peach smoothie for myself!

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