It’s helpful to pass on good news about products and information that will help other people, so this page has links and websites that I recommend.

Blog Software: If this blog page makes you feel good, you can also create an attractive blog page with similar elegant themes. The design for this blog uses a font that may be too small for you to see very well. If that’s the case, just click C+ as many times as you want to view a larger font size. Elegant Themes gives lots of support to help you get started. Just log onto

Tea and Health Information: I highly recommend Dr. Paul Holgren for all the latest information about tea and health with research links to back it up.

Tea Shops and Online Tea Shopping: Of course, I recommend the company that I began with my son. If you’re in Austin, Texas, please stop by the shop at 900 Rio Grande Street (complimentary parking) and see the beautiful historical building as well as delicious teas and hundreds of teapots.

Keep an eye out for shopping for antiques and unique items at Girl With the Green Scarf, coming soon. I’m searching for a good shopping basket that works well with blog software if you know of any.

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