Something New—Italy & Romance

Something New—Italy & Romance

Our 40th Wedding Anniversary Celebration idea of writing down 40 things either we used to do or things we’ve never done before is moving along. Last night we added something we’ve never done before. We took our two sons and their wives to the Gold Class Cinema. (We were sad our oldest son and his wife in San Diego couldn’t join us.)

Gold Class is a new theatre in town I used to dream about where you sit in luxury seats with your feet up and have people serve you delicious food. It was exciting because none of us had been there before, and we were seeing Letters to Juliet, a very romantic movie with great scenes from Italy and a good sound track. I especially enjoyed the paintings in the intro.

The blue cheese homemade potato chips were delicious, and the caesar salad was very creative, but the angel food cake with the strawberries was not the best. One of our kids said the cake was left over from our wedding 40 years ago. The experience was not perfect because our food order was delayed, but the most important thing was being together with our adult children and experiencing laughter and gratefulness together.

Our youngest son just married so our family is now complete except for hopefully more grandchildren. These past few weeks I’ve felt a sense of peace and release that now all my boys have someone to watch over them. I do feel very blessed. Of course, those reading this blog must realize that this feeling of blessing has been preceded with many days of pain and conflict mixed with joy over the last 40 years. Being in the tea business I’ve learned that the best teas and wines are those which go through the most stress during the growing time—highest and lowest temperatures, etc. I think it’s the same for humans, especially if we have God’s perspective.

My husband and I have a lot of thinking to do to come up with this list of 40 things. We should be busy for awhile. I think I’ll get the old photos out; perhaps that will inspire my brain.

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2 Responses to “Something New—Italy & Romance”

  1. Susan Wilson says:

    I really like that picture of my Austin friends….the growing Sims Family..ever growing, shall I say…I am enjoying your blog..My 9 year old Nicholas, visiting from Savannah this past weekend, and I made a homemade Angel Food cake from eggs I got at a nearby farm!!! Yummy!!He loves to bake..when he awakens in the mornings with me, he grabs my Betty Crocker cookbook, the red one, and turns to the cake section to find a cake to bake! I bet he does not know that his ‘Ammie’ actually won the ‘Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow’ Award in high school!Some day I shall tell him! Good night friends!

  2. carol says:

    Congrats, grandma Betty Crocker! What would we have done without her. Miss you.


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