Toddler Tea

Toddler Tea

I discovered Rooibos or Red Bush herbal tea (not real tea) about eight years ago at a tea conference. I thought it was very pleasant, but not exciting. However, I was very impressed with the health benefits. Then about five years ago, we started getting the most delicious flavored Rooibos teas from Germany at the Tea Embassy.

Since Texas is so hot, I began experimenting with Rooibos iced tea. My favorites have been the Green Rooibos Peach and Green Rooibos Oasis for cold teas. The Green Rooibos has more health benefits and is almost like an athletic drink with lots of potassium. This year my favorite has been Tea Embassy’s organic Blueberry Rooibos with schizandra berries. During this time of Red Bush discovery, I’ve always wished I had had this available when raising my three boys, especially when they were toddlers drinking lots of juice. I would have given them Rooibos instead of fruit juice.

Well, my dreams have come true. When my grandson turned one, his parents started giving him Blueberry Rooibos. He absolutely loves it. They think it even helps his diaper rash and allergic skin. I know from experience it settles your stomach.

Here’s the recipe I use to make it:

6 heaping teaspoons of Blueberry Rooibos

6 cups of boiling water (212˚)

1 big Tablespoon of local honey (We like wildflower.)

I use a 6-cup teapot or iced tea pitcher. Fill the pitcher with boiling water. Paper tea filters or a fine infuser work well with Rooibos. Steep for 15-30 minutes. Take out the infuser. Add honey while tea is hot. Chill before serving. If you’re in a hurry, double the amount of tea with same amount of water to make a concentrated tea. Then pour over ice.

Now you can have a summer tea party with your toddler!

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9 Responses to “Toddler Tea”

  1. Ben Stewart says:

    Dear Carol,

    How incredibly inviting and artistic your site. Your softness in spoken word is so well reflected in your blog design. Each week I look forward to hearing your voice on our call. Hope to hear your voice and your heart as we strive together.

    I will share your blog with my wife Kay as we both enjoy tea. We don’t know much beyond Earl Grey and Lipton.


    Brother Ben

  2. carol says:

    Thank you for your response to my blog. I look forward to meeting you in person hopefully someday. Sharing my treasures has been lots of fun.

  3. Thanks for posting about this, I would like to read more about this topic.

  4. carol says:

    Rooibos or Red Bush is a delicious drink hot or cold. I drink it iced every day. You can find more info about it along with many flavors at
    I will be blogging more about it on this site so stay tuned.

  5. Amy says:

    To say that he loves it may be a bit of an understatement! I make an 8-cup pot of it, according to your directions above, and he drinks it within a few days! I try to pour a glass for myself, but he won’t let me finish it! He even has a “word” for it – buh-buh-buh-boo – Blueberry! I tried 5 different brands of over-the-counter diaper cream and 2 prescriptions. They did not get rid of his rash like the rooibos did. I am a believer! Thanks, “Honey”, for introducing us to Blueberry Rooibos for toddlers! Great job on your blog, Carol. I am so impressed!

  6. Teas says:

    Rooibos is the best for toddlers I feel, its a very popular tea to give kids here in South Africa!

  7. carol says:

    Thanks for your comment. My grandson’s diaper rash disappeared after drinking Rooibos every day. Is that common knowledge in South Africa?

  8. Teas says:

    That isnt common knowledge, but it is know for its benefits. Its almost like a staple diet for toddles, having rooibos

  9. Rooibos tea says:

    It’s true. When I was in Clanwilliam a week ago, I visited the Ramskop Wildflower Garden. I learned a lot of

    the healing powers of Rooibos tea. Thanks for your information on the topic.

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