Valentine Popovers

Valentine Popovers

I was surprised by my very loving, romantic husband (of 40 years) this morning  with a gift of two dozen beautiful red feather roses! I had never seen them before. Roses are my favorite flower; I have to say that these are more beautiful as buds than the real thing, each made of delicate feathers. And they never die!

I had already given him his Valentine treats last night, so I was trying to figure out while he was still sleeping how to show him my appreciation. I decided to make him one of his favorite breakfasts—delicious popovers made with raw milk, which we had in the frig. Baking with raw milk is extra special, especially tapioca pudding and popovers. I like my recipe (in Tea Treasures and More Cookbook) because it’s so simple and so delicious.

One of the secrets of making good popovers is using a popover pan, which I first discovered from Martha Stewart. If it’s a good popover pan, you don’t have to prepare the pan with oil, and it doesn’t stick—no extra calories but lots of height.

I prepared the rest of the breakfast of mushroom, cream cheese scrambled eggs and bacon so they were ready just as the popovers came out of the oven. You have to eat them when they are hot. I prepared the table with fresh blackberries, honey, butter, and  warmed Mary Lake-Thompson Raspberry Jam. We usually slit the top of the popover and fill it with any combination of these goodies.

While we were eating, I realized that I could also stuff my popover with my scrambled egg creation, even add some salsa or cheddar cheese. Why hadn’t I thought of that before? Instead of breakfast tacos, how about breakfast popovers! So I took the last popover and did just that. Very good! I’m sure there are probably popover themed restaurants like crepe cafes somewhere in the world, but I have never seen one. So here’s a new idea for someone. By the time I thought of blogging about this special popover, I had already eaten my photo, so instead, you get to see my beautiful roses.

I first experienced popovers in England as Yorkshire pudding with roast and potatoes 42 years ago. Then I delighted in popovers with afternoon tea at Jordan Pond in Bar Harbor’s Acadia National Park. Now Texas Breakfast Popovers with no sugar or grease! What discoveries we find in our own kitchens.

Resources—feather roses (  Popover Recipe and Raspberry Jam—

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