Words with Friends and Lovers

Words with Friends and Lovers

As we celebrate our 40th year of marriage and document 40 things we’ve experienced over the years or new things we’ve never done before, I have “number 10″ to tell you about. A couple of months ago while browsing the Apple store, I asked an employee what the most popular iphone app was. He said he thought the Words with Friends scrabble game was one of the top ones. So when I got home, I checked it out.

My husband was an English major in college, but I was not a big reader as a child, so my vocabulary has not been the best. In fact, I haven’t played scrabble much through the years, probably because I was intimidated by other wordsmiths. So when we both downloaded Words with Friends, I was skeptical as to how long I would end up playing this game. In the beginning I was slaughtered by him and overwhelmed by his 60-point words, along with my new daughter-in-law, who is quite good. But even when I would lose, they would rematch me. I felt very loved that they would play with me at all.

But I am improving and even beating my husband now. I’m competitive, so I’m observing and changing my strategy; I’m getting better or maybe he’s just being nice! We play throughout the day, when we’re away from the house, in our home together or in separate rooms, or eating at a restaurant. I have to say, for me, it’s quite romantic to play with him. It’s like there is a connection, a feeling of being needed, of pursuing each other, even kindness when we help each other out. I am very surprised at how much I like it and the positive affect it has had on our relationship.

I’m also playing with a friend across the country. Even though we’re separated by many miles, playing with her throughout the day makes me feel a connection with her, even though we’re not communicating with sentences. There is a sense of unity as we problem solve the scrabble board. In the beginning I thought it was all about ego, whose the best. But as I play with family and friends, it’s becoming more about trying to be a better person.

I’m encouraged through this new game that as I get older, I can continue to learn new skills with friends, family, and, especially my dear husband. As we text each other throughout the day for reminders that’s it’s our turn, it brings back memories of playing board games with our children. As a child when my dad would play gin rummy with me, I felt so much respect from him. What better way to love a person than to have fun and show respect at the same time. A new name for this great game—Words with Friends and Lovers!

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  1. corina says:

    yay! I love words with friends!! Although I haven’t been playing it much lately. Too bad they make me work at work.

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